Josh has been spending a lot of time thinking about the Core i5 and the choice needed to be made by Intel about Penryn and Nehalem.  You can pick up a lot of good info on Nehalem, like how the 16 PCI Express lanes that are integrated into the chip and the proper usage of dual channel memory.  The bad news from his prediction is that we won’t be seeing these new parts for longer than was originally thought, in part because the Penryn is just too successful.  Read on at the top of the page to see the rest of his arguments.

“While the chipset theory is a good one, I do believe that in the end Intel sees that when compared to Penryn, the Nehalem parts will not be nearly as successful as a midrange part from an economic standpoint. It is better to keep Penryn chugging along, and at the end of 2009 introduce the first series of i5 parts at 45 nm, and quickly migrate to their 32 nm process to make the i5 much more successful and economically attractive. The final portion to consider is that AMD is really only now competitive with their Shanghai core (which is also around 264 mm square) and it is primarily aimed at the Core 2 Quad products rather than the i7.”

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