As you can tell someone is a doctor if they have the right letters after their last name, you can tell a graphics card is not a reference model if it has a posse from Alphabet Street following it around.  For instance, the MSI N285GTX SuperPipe OC does not run at spec, but then again, it doesn’t beat stock speeds by much.  The GPU is 680MHz, 32MHz higher than stock, while the memory is 2.5GHz having been pushed up half as much as the GPU, a whole 16MHz.  They didn’t even touch the shader clock.  [H]ard|OCP was able to push the card beyond that point and the cooling solution is almost silent, so don’t write the card off completely before you read their review.

“Brand new from MSI we have their N285GTX SuperPipe OC, based on the GeForce GTX 285, to evaluate. With its magnificent cooling solution and higher than standard clock speeds we see how it stacks up against a GTX 285 and a GTX 280 in gameplay performance, overclocking, power and temperature testing.”

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