Be afraid, be very afraid.  Where once you were safe listening to our podcasts in audio forum only, our websites mad mastermind has decided to get together with TWiT.TV to provide a video accompaniment to the ‘cast.  This also means the podcast is now recorded live, which can always add depth to performance.  You will need to wait until next Wednesday to see Josh, Al, Ryan and the wonderful Colleen, and even longer to see myself, but until then enjoy the audio only version.

One of the longest running active threads in the Overclocking Forum deals with the Corei7, it has been going strong since February, and if you haven’t visited it recently you really should as the tips get better the more the CPU matures.  Plus, the D0 stepping chips haven’t even arrived yet.  The graphics forum is still trying to catch up with all the releases this year, upgrading your graphics offers you almost too many choices.  Audio enthusiasts have a similar problem, the advent of decent onboard audio has created a stir in the discrete audio market.

If all the new kit has you confused and worried about going through with an upgrade, drop by the Trading Post.  Don’t think of it as buying yourself new kit, think of it as giving a fellow PC Perspective member a chance at domestic tranquillity.