RPG fans have been waiting for Drakensang for quite a while now, with teasers making the wait seem even longer.  Now that it is available, the feedback has been quite good from those who have tried it.  The graphics may make it look more like an Elder Scrolls type game but it is much more like Baldurs Gate.  Along with the increase in graphics quality comes a rather intricate leveling system.  Get the details at Gamepyre.

“If you are a fan of RPGs, then Drakensang is a game that you must try; it even has a multiplayer mode where you can join your friends in completing quests and solving problems. It is a very detailed game so you should allow for some adjustment time and I would strongly suggest that you make multiple saves and that you save often. I know I’ve found a good game when I keep making excuses so I can play it. If I ever end up with enough free time, Drakensang is going to be one of those games that I will play over and over again. I like my basher a lot, but I think I can make an even better archer. As for you, you might like mages or alchemists or even necromancers; the possibilities are nearly endless in this game for if you like RPGs, you will find a character that you can call your own in this game.”

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