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MSI X58 Platinum LGA 1366 Motherboard Review - Motherboards 91

The MSI X58 Platinum experienced lower power consumption during load tests than its Gigabyte counterparts. We are not sure what caused this drop in power, but we will continue to test it and see if we can pin point the direct cause for the decrease in power. Overall, the numbers pretty much speak for themselves. The X58 boards are fairly efficient and seemed to manage power well at idle and load settings. With people worldwide trying to cut their energy bills, power management could be the next “big thing” to attract new consumers to purchase more “green” components for their PCs.

After some initial headaches overclocking with the MSI X58 Platinum, I had a pretty pleasant experience testing this board. Some of the key points I want to key in on is this board’s potential for our gaming audience. We noticed slight performance increases during the 3DMark Vantage and Crysis Warhead gaming benchmarks. Now 5 FPS might not mean much to some people, but at higher resolutions this could mean the difference between a playable or non-playable resolution. I always like to game at the highest resolution so this is pretty important to me as a gamer.

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Overall, the X58 Platinum performed pretty close to its Gigabyte counterparts in the gamut of tests we tortured it with. The BIOS is pretty detailed and should give entry-level overclockers and enthusiasts some key options that will make their OC experience more fruitful.

The feature set on that comes with the X58 Platinum is pretty standard for my X58-based motherboards. One puzzling aspect is that this board only support dual video cards for ATI Crossfire, but not Nvidia’s SLI solution. I’m assuming this is because they have an agreement with ATI to support their brand, but I would have put the consumer first and allowed for both ATI and NVidia solutions to be supported.

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(Courtesy of MSI)

This motherboard also has some interesting energy efficiency solutions that might appeal to those who want to lower their energy costs at home or at the office. MSI’s DRMOS works to give users the highest performance with trying to balance out the PC’s overall power requirements. It’s definitely a balancing act, but I’m glad motherboard vendors are addressing this issue head on and development ways to improve power management.

Overall, the standard features available with all X58 chipsets apply here and MSI didn’t veer too far away from the basic features available with most LGA 1366 motherboards. I’m sure this helped them keep the price down a bit too and make it more competitive against other board on the market.

Pricing and Availability
At the time this review was written, prices for the X58 Platinum were around $225. That puts it squarely in the lower-end market of the X58 motherboard spectrum. This board is also available at most online resellers as well as a few stores like Best Buy and Frys Electronics.

Final Thoughts
When I started to contemplate how was going to wrap up this review, I went over all the data that I accumulated and also looked at how the X58 Platinum performed during testing and overclocking. At this price point, the X58 Platinum is definitely one of the better options available to consumers.

I don’t think it gave us too many earth-shattering figures to make up jump out of our seats, but it didn’t perform on par with other X58-based boards we benchmarked it against. I think overclockers might be a little put off by having to do voltage mods on basic overclocks under 4GHz, but those will a little more patience might not have difficulties tweaking each component in the BIOS. For those who want to quickly OC their systems, I would recommend other vendors like Gigabyte and ASUS that might be more suitable to their overclocking needs.

Overall, the MSI X58 Platinum is a decent option for gamers and experienced overclockers.

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