Perhaps the biggest question on peoples minds with the release of AMD’s HD4890 and nVIDIA’s GTX 275 is whether they can be purchased.  In AMD’s case the answer is that yes you can, nVIDIA and partners however didn’t quite manage to get any out the door.  That may be related to the development behind the cards, as they seem to be quite different in that respect.  AMD’s is quite obviously a new card that will sit in the channel for a long while, at least speaking in GPU terms, the GTX 275 seems much more of a reaction to AMD and not the release of a card that nVIDIA plans to have around for a while.  Check out Ryan’s comparision of the two cards to see how that conclusion can be reached.

“The HD 4890 1GB card is not much more than a highly overclocked RV770 design, but that is more than enough to see noticeable performance gains across the board. In fact, we saw nearly uniform 10-15% performance jumps at ALL resolutions from 1600×1200 to 2560×1600 which indicates to me that AMD has really found the bottleneck of its architecture in this RV790 product.”

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