Sapphire, one of the biggest and oldest ATI partners is branching out into new and unexpected areas.  They’ve just announced the Sapphire FirePSU 625W, a fancy looking, if poorly named PSU.  The voltage supplied is relatively stable, the noise it produces is very reasonable and there is even a nice LED light behind the fan.  The only thing Elite Bastards didn’t find out about the PSU is it’s pricing and availability.

“Given the power and connectivity requirements of those aforementioned graphics boards and motherboards, you could argue that the move to PSUs is a logical next step for the company, and this line of thought seems to be behind Sapphire’s move into this market. As Sapphire are official suppliers of workstation-class FireGL products in certain regions of the world, there have apparently been demands for solid, reliable power supplies to go alongside them. With this in mind Sapphire have partnered with Enermax to produce the subject of today’s review, the FirePSU 625W.

Although this effort may primarily be aimed at graphics workstations and the like its functionality, connectivity and power rating also have an obvious application for a large number of high-end desktop PCs, and it’s to this end that we’ll be putting the FirePSU 625W through its paces. We promise not to make any jokes about PSUs and fire either.”

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