If you somehow missed out on the big launch last week, the new spring cards have arrived from both GPU makers, the nVIDIA GTX 275 and the AMD HD 4890.  The nVIDIA card is not intended to be the new top of the line card, nor is the 4890.  Instead they fill that middle range between their current single GPU top of the line card and their dual GPU cards.  In nVIDIA’s case it was not really needed, but it is still nice to see a new card from them.  AMD was much more in need of a card like this, as there is over $200 difference between the 4870 and the 4870 X2.  Check out [H]ard|OCP to see just how big the performance difference is.
“AMD’s new Radeon HD 4890 launches today and we’ve got it covered with a good [H] look at the ASUS EAH4890. We’ve got a great evaluation for you guys today, comparisons with the GTX 280, HD 4870 1GB and the new GeForce GTX 275. You guys won’t be disappointed, 1GHz GPU possible?”

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