The new Ubuntu is out and about, this time as a Jaunty Jackelope (aka 9.04 beta).  As far as new features go, you can expect to see Gnome 2.26, X.Org Server 1.6, better boot performance, Ext4 support and the new 2.6.28 kernel.  ExtremeTech tried the beta out and came away with two significant realizations.  On the one hand, the boot performance in particular and the system in general really didn’t show any huge improvements, on the other hand they had absolutely no problems or issues when installing or using the new OS.

“It’s been quite a while since I last took a look at Ubuntu and it’s come a long way. Canonical has just released a beta version of Ubuntu Linux 9.04. In keeping with past traditions, the new version has a cute animal nickname: Jaunty Jackelope. If you aren’t familiar with the Jackelope, it’s a fictitious rabbit that somehow grows horns similar to those of a mule deer. Heh, heh. The guys at Canonical always did seem to have a sense of humor.”

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