Mushkin’s new Ascent XP3-14400 CL8 2 GB kit hits 1800MHz at latencies of 8-8-7-20 though the voltage seems a little high for the Core i7 at 1.85-1.95V.  That didn’t scare techPowerUp! in the least as they tested out how performance scaled with some voltage tweaks, along with total speed and timings.  If you are willing to take the limit to your maximum available memory, 7-7-7 @ 1800MHz is easily reachable, though they do warn that this memory did not work in all the boards they tested.

“The Ascent series from Mushkin represents their high-end line-up with thick eVCI heatspreaders, very tight timings and fast speeds. On top of that, the memory scales extremely well with voltage and has plenty of potential for overclockers.”

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