Now that everyone and their brother is producing PSUs, the market has changed and features are king.  Those companies that continue to use lower quality components are eschewed, quality is something that is necessary to get to the qualifying round, after that it is all up to the extras.  Corsair’s new TX850 has the solid quality you expect from your PSUs and it does stand out thanks to the bright yellow finish on the casing.  That is all well and good, but does it have the extra features that turn an acceptable PSU into one that stands out?  Read Lee’s review at the top of the page to find out.

“Overall, most higher-capacity Channel Well Technology built power supplies have proven to be excellent but they have a weakness, which is higher levels of AC ripple on the DC outputs. While still well within spec, the TX850W continues to exhibit relatively high levels of AC ripple, especially at max load. In reality however, the TX850 should perform very well in real-world operation. I typically wouldn’t push an 850W PSU beyond about 600W (which is approximately 70% of the max rated capacity) and at that level the TX850 performs very well.”

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