The Core i7 920 CPU has a new stepping, D0, and it promises to annihilate the old overclocking records.  AnandTech has put up a preview of it’s performance and it is an impressive change from the previous C0 stepping CPUs.  They hit 4.309 GHz with memory running at 2052 @ 7-8-7-20 1T, and they did it with noticeably lower power requirements.  Check out just how much lower they were here.

“We called up our good friends at TankGuys and they were able to hook us up (after our credit card cleared) with two D0 stepping 920 processors. Ben was able to overnight the first unit in time for us to test over the weekend and our initial results have just been terrific to date. Unfortunately, our ASRock X58 board (yes, this board makes for a very good multi-GPU platform) was tied up in testing for an upcoming Workstation review. So looking around the lab, we grabbed our trusty DFI LanParty UT X58-T3eH8 and updated it with the latest magical mystical BIOS from Oskar, Jarry, & Company. This particular BIOS is very D0 stepping friendly along with incorporating a few changeable settings like Round Trip Latency (RTL) that allows us to clock our Corsair Dominator GT memory kit a little higher than the other X58 motherboards.”

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