The Raptor Gaming K1 Keyboard doesn't seem to be for sale at any major online retailers, but it might be worth hunting down if you love keyboards with extras.  In this case it is key locks, which can be used to prevent a key, say the Windows key, from being able to be depressed.  This is a slightly more elegant solution than forcibly removing it with a screwdriver.  It also comes with eight "afterglow" buttons, slightly higher than regular keys and with a glow in the dark top so you can find them if you like gaming in the dark.  Drop by VR-Zone for a look.

"Raptor-Gaming manufacture all manner of peripherals and input devices that are intended, as the name suggests, for gaming purposes. The products have high quality designs with one aim in mind – to maximise performance. The keyboard I will be taking a look at today has some very special features, such as cherry gold crosspoints and afterglow keys, that should make this product stand out from the crowd. Let’s see if it can deliver…"

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