HEXUS has picked up on two interesting bits of information from our two favourite chip designers.  Intel’s Paul Otellini has been talking about Westmere and what it will be.  As of now, it seems that we should expect a die shrunk Nehalem with some architectural upgrades, but nothing earth shattering like Larrabee.  Don’t take that as bad news, Intel is also pushing up the release date and we should be seeing silicon before the snow starts flying

On AMD’s side is a leaked roadmap featuring Caspians, Champlains and a very intersting Llano, as well as interestingly named platforms to accompany the chips.  The most telling portion about the Llano is it’s function, Llano is an Accelerated Processing Unit, or to put it another way; it is the eventual result of a CPU and GPU spending a drunken night together, getting to know each other better.

“Back in February Intel announced that its next-generation microprocessor, codenamed Westmere, was being brought in ahead of schedule. Westmere can be thought of as a reasonably minor architectural upgrade to present Nehalem but on a smaller manufacturing process – 32nm vs. 45nm.

During an earnings conference call, Intel boss, Paul Otellini, disclosed that Westmere chips have been sampled to around 30 laptop and desktop PC manufacturers for testing, intimating that silicon is in a healthy state in Q2 2009.”

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