If you are looking for an HTPC case that stands out more than it blends in you might want to consider the Sunbeam Acrylic HTPC case.  Sure the acrylic build requires a lot of care when assembling it or changing components and picks up fingerprints quicker than a CSI, but when you can see all your fancy components lit up with the blue LEDs it makes it all worth it.  This case isn’t all looks either, with serious air cooling and space for up to 8 3.5″ HDDs which is why Think Computers liked the case so much; though not the assembly instructions.

“Acrylic cases were pretty popular a few years ago when case modding was quite big. It seems things have died down a bit and we really have not seen many acrylic cases come out. Well Sunbeam has sent us one of their new acrylic cases. It is not your ordinary tower it is a home theater PC case (HTPC). HTPC’s have become very popular over the past few years so why not make yours stand out with this case! Let’s take a look…”

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