Ray Tracing has become a bit of a theme here at PC Perspective, from two years ago. when the only example was Daniel Pohl’s work on Quake 4 to his new look at a pair of ray tracing products from Caustic Graphics that will hit the market in the not too distant future.  The two cards are targeted at the professional rendering industry, with a possible application to gaming; this is opposed to Ageia’s physics and a prayer business model.  We should be seeing some interesting things in the future from this company, but for now check out the two cards they are finishing.

“These new algorithms attempt to find order in what we all see as the randomness of ray tracing and they attempt to drastically increase the memory locality for efficiency reasons and the founders decided that required a custom co-processor. But they seem to have played the game intelligently by continuing to utilize hardware where it is most efficient: the Caustic card will handle only the operations that modern components are inefficient at yet they still leverage the power of the GPU for pure shading horsepower.”

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