Firefox 3.5 hasn’t officially made it out the door, but 3.6 is already in the works.  Ars Technica delves into the features and improvements you can expect from the Firefox after next in this article.  If Ubiquity-based photo-editing, themes you can switch without restarting Firefox and a look at the new tab setup sounds interesting then head on over.

“Although Firefox 3.5 is yet to be released, Mozilla has already started planning the next version, which has tentatively been designated 3.6, with the codename Namoroka. Firefox 3.6 is loosely scheduled for release in 2010.

Mozilla is currently working on Firefox 3.5, which is maturing rapidly. The third beta release, which landed last month, includes a number of compelling features such as support for the HTML 5 video element and the new high-performance TraceMonkey JavaScript engine. A fourth beta is expected to arrive later this month, and the final release is expected in June. Firefox 3.5 was originally called 3.1, but the version number was increased to reflect the large number of features that have been introduced.”

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