If you haven’t played BioShock yet, then stop reading, go pick it up, play it through to the end and then come back.

OK, finshed?

Part of the ending of BioShock involved an escort mission in fancy clothes, and from the sounds of the preview of BioShock II at Wired, the entire sequel may be similar to that penultimate mission.  You still have the fancy duds and you are still protecting Little Sisters from Splicers.  On the other hand, the underwater missions and the Big Sister may make things a little more interesting.  Check out the screenshots and more plot teasers at Wired News.

“It’s my job to give it a damn try,” says BioShock 2 creative director Jordan Thomas. “What we think BioShock means … is bringing strong and challenging choices to the first-person shooter. That runs the full gamut from choices as a human being, a moral agent, and on the other end of the spectrum, choices as the player of an authored experience who gets to manipulate systems of play and live under the story.”

Heady stuff. Wired.com got a first look at a few minutes of the gameplay in BioShock 2, which will be released this fall on Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3, during a recent round-table discussion with Thomas. We asked him questions about how the creepy story will continue and how the gameplay will evolve when the sequel takes us back to Rapture. “

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