If you pick up an Alienware Area-51 m17x, the chances are you will pick up a hard case made of DU, a killer gaming mouse, LED lights and random USB gadgets and generally just pimp the smeg out of it.  A netbook on the other hand is lucky if it is not just tossed into a gym bag, with no protection and no funky accessories at all.   Why not change that by taking a look at this kit from Targus that Futurelooks just reviewed.  Doesn’t your netbook deserve a little bling?

“Targus has long since established itself as a known brand in the world of laptop accessories. Continuing with this dedication to adding peripheral items to our mobile computing experience, Targus recently introduced the new Targus Netbook Accessory Kit. This kit is supposed to be a good starting point for getting more from your MSI Wind, Asus Eee PC, Acer Aspire ONE, or whatever other little laptop you happen to tote.”

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