XFX has taken their love of factory overclocked cards and applied it to their HD4890 XXX and priced it only $20 above their reference model.  The overclock is not huge, a mere 50MHz which pushed the core clock from 850 to 900, which gives a small but noticeable bump to it’s speed.  Along with that bump comes a copy of HAWX and assorted connectors for the graphics card.  Give motherboards.org a visit and see.

“XFX’s move to making ATI-based video cards is a long awaited one. With NVIDIA having troubles throughout and with the economic recession in full force throughout the computer industry, choice and price/performance are more important than ever. With retail price of only $15 USD more than the next expensive XFX HD 4890 card the XXX Edition is well worth the purchase as you get a 50MHz overclock out of the box and the support that XFX is well known for. The inclusion of HAWX, a game that was released less than a month ago is an added bonus with DirectX 10.1 enhancements to speed that show off what the card can do.”

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