Just because you stood in line for a week for the release of Wrath of the Lich King, and gathered a lot of stares and comments about how waiting that long was completely unnecessary; someone with a WoW moded case, mouse and mousepad set is going to beat you when it comes to fanaticism.  Take heart from SteelSeries, for they will provide a factory made version so that you don’t need to mod one all by yourself.  The SteelSeries WOW Mouse and Mat set will put you over the top of the rest if the fans at LAN parties, so check out Arm3D’s review a mouse that proclaims your addicition for all to see

If you are jealous of the elite status this combo offers, but just can’t figure out why people love WoW, then check out this review at Tech-Reviews.co.uk, where they examine the KODE5 Collectors Edition QPAD CT5 mouse pad.  All of the status a collectable mouse pad brings, with none of the branding

“SteelSeries, as their website says is all about gaming, created for and by leading professional gamers. With staff and offices all over the globe and a worldwide reputation for great quality gaming products, SteelSeries is a company whos products are highly sought after in the gaming market.

Today I will be looking at a couple of releases from SteelSeries that will have World of Warcraft players jumping up and down in excitement. SteelSeries’s World of Warcraft gaming mouse has been eagerly anticipated by the MMO gaming scene, most of all of course, by the WoW players themselves, who I’m sure are very happy about having a mouse made specifically for them.”

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