A while back Ryan experimented with a powerline ethernet adaptor from Linksys, and found it to be quite easy to use and effective, as long as you knew which circuits were which in your house.  Since that time there really hasn’t been any forum members who have picked up a kit to try for themselves, though some have expressed an interest.  If anyone has tried this type of network, drop by this forum post to let us know how well it worked for youOf course, some people’s problems can be fairly unique.

In the processor forum there is a little debate about Core i7’s Turbo Boost feature.  Is it better to use the Turbo Boost or just to do a small overclock and at what point do you need to shut Turbo Boost off to prevent instabilities.  The second you start talking overclocking, you must start thinking about cooling; whether you built the rig yourself or bought it from a boutique shop.  Sometimes though, just slapping the most expensive and powerful cooling system available into the machine is a little bit of overkill. 

Those of you playing with Windows 7
and using a Radeon card will love the find in this thread