Choosing to name a motherboard after a large SUV seems odd, but that is exactly what  Jetway did with their Hummer HA08 LF 790GX motherboard.  It is a board that supports DDR3 which limits you to AM3 chips, no AM2 or AM2+ chips allowed, they lack the DDR3 memory controller.  In addition to the support for new memory is HDMI, DVI, VGA, 8-channel sound, Gigabit Ethernet, dual PCIe graphics ports for Crossfire, seven SATA ports, debug diagnostic LED and many more which the Guru of 3D covers in their review.  They also touch on the boards performance.

“Jetway, a company that you do not hear often from. They are rather sizable in OEM production and deliver a lot of material towards other motherboard and graphics card ‘manufacturers’. But they handle retail products as well though.

Their somewhat more exclusive motherboard series is tagged as ‘Hummer’ series. Which always brings a smile to my face as I immediately have to think about that big ass military car. Today we look at the Jetway Hummer HA08-LF motherboard. Armed with a lot of features, performance and an AMD 790GX chipset. There fairly little to dislike really.”

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