During Computex next month, AMD is apparently going to be showcasing the new Tigris mobile platform that features a host of new chips.  The heart of the platform is the CPU codenamed Caspian, of which little is known.  We know it will be built on a 45nm process and will likely still be a dual-core part but other than that, we are currently in the dark.  The chipset it uses is the RS880M that is likely a 55nm chip that supports integrated graphics with DX10.1 technology. 

Also an option is the AMD mobility M9x line of discrete graphics built around either a 55nm or 40nm process.  Most of the notebooks on display will be in the 14-15 inch screen size range.

Also of interest is a possible demonstration of AMD’s 2010 mobile platform that could sport a quad-core 45nm Champlain processor with DDR3 support, USB 3.0 support and updated “Manhattan” next-generation mobile graphics. 

It could be an interesting week at Computex after all…