It would seem that nearing the one year anniversary of the Antec Skeleton case’s ‘unearthing’ (wow, it must be a good weekend with puns like that) the power supply and case vendor is finally preparing for release another addition to the family for Computex 2009.  According to techpowerUp! a new mini-ITX version of the case will be revealed for the first time.  I say FINALLY because if you look at the images from our Computex 2008 coverage, you can clearly see a mock-up of the mini-ITX design in the background:

Antec planning a mini-ITX Skeleton chassis - Cases and Cooling 4
See it back there?  It’s small so it hides easily…

While the Skeleton design has had some complaints from people trying to use extremely large coolers on their systems, I personally have found the design to be pretty impressive – we use one of them for our open-air test beds daily.  The design of the new mini-ITX version looks to be nearly identical.

Antec planning a mini-ITX Skeleton chassis - Cases and Cooling 5
The scale is bit difficult to gauge with no other items in the shot, but if you look at the size of the USB 2.0 ports along the front of the chassis that should give you some kind of idea.

 Antec planning a mini-ITX Skeleton chassis - Cases and Cooling 6

There are some more details and pictures over at techpowerUp! so head over if you think this might be the best option for your next mini-ITX build.
A two-stage drawer holds the motherboard on the top stage which is cooled by a large LED-lit 150 mm fan, and the lower stage holding the disk drives and power supply. The chassis holds one 5.25-inch drive using a quick-release drive bay. There is one quick-release and two fixed 2.5-inch (yes, 2.5-inch) drive bays. Apart from the 150 mm fan on top, there is a 70 mm fan to cool the lower stage. Standard front-panel headers such as USB and audio are also present. The case is backed by a 3-year company warranty. Its price in the US is yet to be known.