Gaming Tests

3DMark Vantage
A reliable and popular benchmark, 3DMark Vantage can provide a good insight into overall gaming performance of a system.


ASUS M3A78-T 790GX AM2+ Motherboard Review - Motherboards 87


Crysis Warhead
One of the most visually impressive games ever built, Crysis Warhead also has an incredibly realistic physics and simulation engine.


ASUS M3A78-T 790GX AM2+ Motherboard Review - Motherboards 88


Far Cry 2
Far Cry 2 pairs impressive visuals with a truly interactive and destructible environment.



ASUS M3A78-T 790GX AM2+ Motherboard Review - Motherboards 89

First, let’s commend AMD that the Radeon HD 3300 GPU was even able to complete out grooling gaming benchmarks at all. Granted, the benchmark settings were pretty much set around 800×600 at low quality settings. But, even so, I was quite surprised at how well this integrated graphics chip handled these highly-intensive games. Our results were a bit mixed because our average frame rate for Far Cry 2 wasn’t enough to be considered even playable at 800×600, but our Crysis Warhead results warranted a double take.

We average 34 FPS on both motherboards, which means we could technically play Crysis Warhead at these settings. But, that doesn’t mean the quality or even game play will be perfect throughout an entire round of Crysis Warhead. All that means is the GPU could handle an average of 34 frames per second during a timed benchmark. I actually tried playing the full game with the same benchmark settings and was able to play a single player campaign pretty well. But, there were a few places where I noticed considerable lag and fluxuations in game play.

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