iXBT has put three Intel Core 2 processors through some serious testing. A pair of boards, one supporting DDR2 and one DDR3 give them a broad choice of timings and frequencies to test.  The E6600, E8200 and QX9770 all get a work out as they try various DDR2 and DDR3 memory frequencies to determine the sweet spots.  Drop by to see if you really are willing to spend the money it takes for the fastest memory, for a 6-8% gain in performance.

“In case of popular Core 2 processors with 1066/1333MHz FSB, it makes sense to use dual-channel memory of much higher bandwidth than the nominal FSB can provide. If we consider DDR2-667 the reference point, fast DDR2 or DDR3 memory can bring a 6-8% performance gain in real applications.”

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