ExtremeTech is working on taking Windows 7 (RC1) to new heights of performance with their new system build.  The build list is done, a EVGA X58 SLI and Core i7 920 along with a pair of 6GB OCZ DDR3-1600 kits and an HD 4890 provide the power for this build, with a variety of other expansion cards and storage devices as well.  At this point the components have all arrived and are ready to be assembled.   See the pictures and tips by following the link.

“Since I’ve been writing about this more or less as I assemble the system, you get some insight as to how I choose parts—and what changes I make along the way. Some changes are a matter of choice, as the change in secondary hard drive. However, we’ll also see a change that was forced on me by the earlier motherboard choice.

Now it’s time to wrap it all up. In this final chapter, I’ll install the CPU, heat sink, memory, and motherboard. Then I’ll boot it up, do a first pass BIOS configuration and install the Windows 7 release candidate.”

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