Cooling roundups are a fairly common type of review, allowing the reviewer to demonstrate the performance differences of heatsinks on a system that remains exactly the same.  Most of those round ups are for air cooling, but not many deal with more esoteric cooling like TECs or water cooling.  That has changed as watercooling becomes more necessary and also more popular.  Boutique built systems are now including watercooling as an option and case designers add inlet/outlets and space for reservoirs.  MADSHRIMPS have taken this opportunity to compare seven popular watercooling systems and pitted them against an i7 940 clocked up to 3.8Ghz with a 1.29V vcore.  See the differences in effectiveness here.

“Cooling down Intel’s latest CPU with air cooled heatsinks is fine if you don’t plan on extensive overclocking, once you want more though you will have to look for better cooling solutions. We take a look at seven CPU water blocks from EK, Enzotech, Koolance, OCZ, XSPC and Swiftech to see if they can tame the i7 heat monster, also known as Nehalem.”

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