There is little more annoying than a PC that is convinced everything is fine, even though it isn’t working properly.  Imagine if you will a nice little network connection icon in the task bar which reports a successful connection at 100mbs, but yet for some reason refuses to connect to the Net.  Wouldn’t that just make your day?

In the CPU forum, there is some investigation going on into the claims that a very simple tweak can turn your dual core A-64 X2 7750 BE into a quad core.  The tweak its self has been known for a while but it has taken a while to determine exactly why some can pull it off while others cannot.  If that isn’t enough fun for you, why not make your own thermal paste, or just try diaper rash creme and other fun household supplies?

Windows fans don’t need to resort to such extreme tactics to keep themselves occupied, the Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 has arrived for TechNet subscribers and will be available for public consumption very soon.  The RC1 will not expire until June of 2010, so even if you are not into beta software, it is worth checking out at some point in the future.  Avoid some of the possible pitfalls by keeping up with this thread in our Microsoft forum.

PC Perspective would also like you to give a big shout out to Colleen Kelly, Leo Laporte and all the gang at TWiT.  They have been instrumental in moving the PC Perspective Podcast to a new live video format, every Wednesday at 10PM EST, just 4 hours after Ryan does his show with Leo.  If you miss it, both shows are repeated occasionally on TWiT live.  You can still get the old audio only version, but you can see our ugly mugs and interact live via IRC if you tune in on Wednesdays!