From the short video of game play, the long wait for Duke Nukem might have almost been worth it.  Along with a rather impressive use of the Unreal Engine and lighting to create a very nice looking world is some heavy scripting.  A lot of the eulogy contains both enemies and Duke performing some rather intricate scripted movements along with the game play shots.  It is hard to say just how well the game would have worked with jumping pig men, but hopefully someone will get their hands on the code, however unlikely that is.  You can see the video and read about the long history of DNF at Slashdot.

“It seems that while 3D Realms is dead, some new footage has been leaked of Duke Nukem Forever.” 3D Realms posted a brief good-bye to their website, and two of the developers have hosted screenshots and concept art from DNF on their personal blogs. Also, for those who haven’t seen it yet, there’s an entertaining list of things that have happened during DNF’s development cycle.”

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