RAM companies building PSUs, motherboard companies making coolers, CPU makers building graphics cards, storage companies making mice and now Gigabyte has thrown themselves into the keyboard market.  They have quite a selection to their name; the one Bjorn3D chose to focus on was the GK-K6800 Luxury Multimedia Keyboard.  The glossy finish, stylish lines and extra media buttons are all present as you would expect on a high end keyboard.  One nice touch is that most of the extra function keys on this board are located to the sides and top, keeping them out of the way for gaming, but necessitating a change of habits if you tend to move your keyboard by grabbing the sides. 

“When it comes to keyboards, everyone has different needs and preferences. We tend to like Multimedia keyboards that free us from searching for commonly used programs, like Windows Media Player, or launching our favorite browser. We also like an easy to use volume setting and a smattering of assorted keys to do the everyday mundane tasks easily. Combining form with functionality, the Gigabyte GK-K6800 Luxury Multimedia Keyboard is practically a piece of art. Well designed, with a solid feel to it, the GK-K6800 provides plenty of Multimedia functions and manages to throw a little flair into the design. It replaces our much loved but well abused $10 (USD) generic keyboard at the test bench. Since often the test bench is also the gaming rig, entertainment center, and all duty rig, the GK-K6800 is in for a good workout.”

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