When you pick up a higher end headset and mic combo, it tends to be based on a USB connection.  Not only is it handy to have one single plug to find, the USB connection usually allows the use of that headset without having to install any drivers.  Unfortunately some rigs have problems with audio over USB, and an older style TRS plugs are the way to go.  While the Saitek GH30 Vibration Headset doesn’t have a high end microphone, it will give you some great gaming audio, and by using either a USB plug or the attached battery pack you can even add vibration into your gaming experience.  Drop by PureOverclock for a look.

“We’re looking at the Saitek GH20 Gaming Headset, a product that specifically caters to gamers, and offers vibration effects to enhance the realism of that gaming experience we so ardently seek. The GH20 is priced very competitively, so let’s take a closer look and see just how well it performs.”

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