Over at Hack a Day you will find the coolest thing you will see all day, unless you somehow manage to have an absolutely incredible day and top it.  It is a hand portable coil gun which can fire 42g rounds with about 18 joules or 13.3 foot pounds worth of energy.  An average 9mm round delivers just over 300 foot pounds or about 400 joules and weighs around 9g, so while the sheer energy is much lower, the weight is a good deal more.  As for the lightbulb at the front, it works as a charging resistor for the capacitor bank when you have the gun plugged into mains power.  The maker promises to follow up with videos of it in action as well as instructions on how to build your own.
“[Daniel] had to have runaway in his mind when he built this coil gun. It’s hand held, holds 14 42 gram rounds and can propel them at speeds of 110km/h. Of course when it is battery powered, you have a 90 second warm up time between shots. It can also be used while plugged into a wall socket, which reduces the charge time to roughly 3 seconds.”

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