If you are building a new greener machine, one of the key areas to focus on is the PSU.  If it has lousy efficiency it doesn’t matter that it is not a 1000W PSU, it will drain a lot more energy than is needed.  Stepping up to the challenge is the Enermax Liberty ECO 500W Power Supply, whose very name implies efficiency.  Strangely, it only claims an 80+ rating, from Lee’s testing you can see that this PSU deserves an 80+ Bronze.  It is also nice to see Enermax didn’t sacrifice everything for the sake of the ECO branding, a pair of 24A 12V rails can together deliver up to 38A and along with the 2 PCI-E connectors ensure you are not stuck with a sub par graphics card.

“The new Liberty ECO 500W power supply from Enermax delivered very good voltage regulation with clean outputs and excellent efficiency. On top of that, the Liberty ECO 500W proved to be one of the quietest PC power supplies we have tested to date in this power range. Throw in support for high-end graphic adapters, a compact chassis that will fit in most any ATX style case, and plenty of peripheral connectors and you have a very attractive PSU package! These new power supplies from Enermax should be of particular interest to anyone building a HTPC or silent PC.”

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