If you want great performance from a LAN box, without having to lug around 40lbs of case and motherboard, you probably look at microATX cases and boards.  With the advent of the ASUS Rampage Gene uATX motherboard, you don’t have to sacrifice any computing power in order to have a light system.  The Rampage Gene does present a different problem, how to cool SLI/CrossfireX in a small case.  Enter the Thermaltake Lanbox Chassis, small and light enough to carry, stylish enough to put on your desk at a LAN party and with good ventilation to keep your components working fine.  Bjorn3D does offer a bit of advice to AMD fans, this case doesn’t have cutouts for you.

“We’ve been looking for a small chassis that will accommodate Micro ATX and Mini ATX motherboards, yet offers full functionality for multi GPU setups without sacrificing style. It’s been a long search looking for the holy grail of Lan Party chassis but we think we finally found one that we can be happy with, the Thermaltake Lanbox series. The Thermaltake Lanbox offers a stylish chassis, totally modular design, let’s you use multi GPU setups if you like, and accepts Micro ATX and Mini ATX form factor boards. With boards like the Asus Rampage Gene hitting the market with enthusiast features and Micro ATX form factor, anyone looking to make a splash at the local Lan Party of anyone who just doesn’t want a bulky tower on their desk should look closely at the Thermaltake Lanbox.”

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