Global Foundries is one of the biggest stories in tech right now and not just because of the licensing lawsuit.  This new fab company that Ryan visited in northern New York state has a jump on the next process transition and a lot of contracts coming in.  Josh fleshed out the overview late last week with his in depth article here.  He explains just why this new company has received such a warm welcome in what is usually a very tight knit industry.  They have the backing of one of the richest places on Earth as well as some very sound technology, all of which he describes.

They are back in the news today, with their plans to work with T-Ram Semiconductor who supposedly have a new way of overcoming the high density and low power trade off inherent in transistors through the use of a three-junction semiconductor component called a thyristor.  You can find out a bit more of what they are, and why Globasl Foundries is willing to throw in their weight behind T-Ram at The Inquirer.

“GLOBAL FOUNDRIES has teamed up with the folks at T-Ram Semiconductor, signing a joint development agreement to use T-Ram’s Thyristor-RAM embedded memory in fabs for the development of advanced technology nodes.

Designers have long been looking for ways to bung more embedded memory onto chips in ways that will up performance whilst keeping power consumption low. This has typically been accomplished by sticking SRAM onto the chip. But whilst SRAM is fast, it also has rather low storage density, using six transistors per bit, which takes up a lot of room on a little chip.”

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