Tom Sonderman, Global Foundries new VP of Manufacturing Systems and Technology talks about Automated Precision Manufacturing over at The Inquirer.  This is the tool that they feel will give Global Foundries an advantage over TSMC and Intel, as TSMC does not have the technology and he feels that Intel makes much less use of it than GF will.  The basic idea behind APM is that it allows the manufacturer to monitor the wafers as they are produced and make tiny changes to allow for better yeilds.  Hopefully that will lead to cheaper and more powerful chips from all of their fabs.

“THE QUESTION Global Foundries has been asking itself over and over again since it became an independent fab firm is “how do you outgun a competitor with 10 times more resources and engineers?” How will the firm overtake UMC and take on giant Taiwanese chip shop TSMC? The answer, according to senior vice president and general manager of the AMD spinoff’s Dresden fabs, Jim Doran is “you get smarter.”

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