Much speculation has been made about how AMD’s recently spun off manufacturing capability can manage to compete with such long standing and very large manufacturers like TSMC.  We’ve speculated that innovations like Advanced Process Management as well as process shrinkage, but it looks like they have other shoes in the fire.  They’ve poached a senior director from TSMC and a past VP from one of their major clients, Altera.  DigiTimes also feels they have their sites on some executives from United Microelectronics Corporation, so their plans to bleed their competitors of talent seems to be progressing.

“Globalfoundries has raided talent from leading semiconductor companies, including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and one of TSMC’s major FPGA clients Altera. Subramani Kengeri of TSMC’s design center in San Jose, and Altera’s former vice president Curtis Mojy Chian have both decided to join Globalfoundries.”

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