[H]ard|OCP may have started this particular trend but it takes a PC Perspective Forum member to test CPUs to destruction to determine what other common household items work best.  Apparently Celeron + Toothpaste = Win.  In a slightly less bizarre thread, a member is trying to compile a list of other members favourite monitor brands.  It doesn’t matter what size or technology the display uses, they simply want to know what your favourite brand is.  Of course, if you are using 4 monitors or so, you might have multiple favourites to go along with the odd problems that sometimes crop up on multi-display systemsThe Video Forum is great for clearing up any confusions you might have concerning your graphics, unless it’s happened on a laptop, in which case you are best off heading straight for the SFF/HTPC/Mobile Forum.

Dropping by the Hardware Leaderboard isn’t a bad idea right now, it’s newly updated and every recommended rig, from the Bargain system up is now using DDR3; the prices are just too attractive to pass up!  You can also grab the audio only version of this weeks PCPer Podcast right here.  The video version is rerun on TWiT, but with Computex making life interesting, the video version is not yet on the front page.  Keep your eyes peeled for its arrival.

If, on the other hand, you are more in need of cheering up with the latest and (theoretically) greatest on the web then it’s off to the Off Topic Forum for you.  No seriousness required, just a good sense of humour.  If you are feeling more serious than silly, The Lightning Round is likely to strike your fancy.  Whatever you chose you are bound to come away enriched!