Nothing makes hardware fetishists madly speculate about new technology than a fuzzy picture like this one.  As we discussed on this weeks PCPer Podcast, there appears to be appears to be 32 cores paired with 32 vector processing units although it is hard to be exact.  That the picture isn’t clear is not the only problem, new architecture can bring significant changes to the structures on the die and the only tools we have are to compare them to previous generations, like the P2 that the Nehalem will be based off of.  For more well informed speculation, you should drop by The Tech Report for a look at their take on Intel’s upcoming new chip.

“How powerful will Intel’s upcoming discrete graphics processor be? TR editor-in-chief Scott Wasson has picked apart a freshly revealed Larrabee die shot in an attempt to figure it out, combining visual information with known facts about the device’s architecture. Scott concludes that Larrabee could have ample floating-point power but comparatively more pedestrian memory bandwidth and filtering rates. Check out the full blog post for all the numbers:”

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