In the fourth week of ExtremeTech’s case mod contest, a very hard to see HTPC case took the prize.  Custom built from a large acrylic sheet, the casing is invisible and the insides are in full view, giving a very unique look to the HTPC.  There is also a case with a pair of 22″ monitors built in called the CinematographHD and other new cases as well as your favourites from previous weeks.  Whether you are there to gawk or to get inspiration for your new case mod, you have to check them out.

“I only spent around $400 on pc components alone. On the mod I only spent $75 (That includes a Dremmel tool, a big piece of vinyl, and some nuts and bots to put it all together.). I used some parts from a case I had sitting around (The power supply, the motherboard plate, and the power button.).”

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