Network Attached Storage devices (NAS) are really starting to catch on in a big way.  As the name implies they offer storage that is easily communicated with over a network, much like Storage Attached Networks (SAN) that are common in enterprise level networks.  A NAS is much easier to use and set up, being a stand alone box with wizard driven menus for setup.  The Synology DS109j is a single bay, making it smaller and more economical compared to NAS that hold several drives and is a perfect example of its species.  Check out the video surveillance capabilities, multiple remote connection abilities and more over at Hardware Bistro.

“Today we are glad to introduce another new brand that arrived on our doorstep; Synology. Synology is one of the famous Network Attached Storage (NAS) makers since year 2000 and DS109j is their economical 1-bay SATA NAS server for personal and home use. Besides that Synology DS109j is also equipped with Synology Disk Station Manager 2.1 which comes with luxury of applications and features.”

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