While the old 8800GTS was a little odd with 640MB of RAM and a 320-bit interface was a bit odd, the GTX 260 is even stranger with the reference model sporting 896 MB of RAM with a 448-bit interface.  MSI decided that the card could be made even stranger by doubling the total RAM to 1792MB in their GTX 260 Lightning Black Edition.  It is also factory overclocked almost to it’s limits, the Guru of 3D could only manage to hit 680/1458/1053 which still offers pretty impressive performance.  There is a lot more that went into the design of the card, you really should take a look.

“MSI has released two new GeForce GTX 260 video cards. The first one being the MSI N260GTX Lightning, and the second one a N260GTX Lightning Black Edition.

These probably are the most feature rich GeForce GTX 260 videocards you can find on the web. First off, MSI N260GTX Lightning has twice the standard GeForce GTX 260 GDDR3 memory summing up to an incredible 1792 MB, and then utilizes a Twin Frozr cooling with heatpipes, dual slot heatsink and two big fans.

The card design is Phase PWM, with 8 phases are reserved for the GPU and 2 phases for the memory. Furthermore, this graphics card has important overclocking features like V-Check points to measure the voltage. We’ll test the most exclusive version, with an external overclock panel called the AirForce panel.

With external panel, customized PCB, heatpipe cooler, 1792 MB, HDMI, 216SP and sheer design versus price, it is the most unique GeForce GTX260 in the market today.”

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