A Net connection has become a necessity for a lot of people, even if it is a basic feed via a cell phone.  There are many threads in the PC Perspective forums that deal with dodgy network cable, broken NICs, both driver and software issues all in an attempt to ensure that our forum members can keep their Net connection healthy.  One piece of hardware has been neglected in comparison; how do you go about fixing the actual modemBlown capacitors on the other hand often crop up

The Graphics forum is still happily trying to deal with the onslaught of 2009 which has brought a deluge of cheap and high end graphics cards, even if some are only rebadgedThe Windows forum meanwhile, is playing fast and loose with the Windows 7 RC1, seeing what it can and cannot do.  All in all, so far it has been a good year to be a PC enthusiast, and a good year to be fan of the PC Perspective Podcast.