TweakTown has a matched pair of SSDs to test out, so they decided to play with their Areca 1231ML RAID controller and do the tests in RAID 0.  The Areca is a bit more expensive than the onboard RAID controller option, but if you want to get the most out of your high end drives, then you have to pay the price.  The first pair of drives are the familiar, but still very impressive, 160GB Intel/Kingson X25-M SSDs.  The second set of drives comes from RunCore, in the form of the newly arrived 256Gb Pro IV.  Check out the speeds here.

“RAID 0 has many other advantages outside of gaming. Any application that can benefit from increased data transfer is significantly faster. Loading large pictures in Photoshop, movie files in Sony’s Vegas movie editing program and countless other prosumer applications increase your productivity. Let’s not forget that even Windows will operate much smoother when the operating system is on an array.

Today we will take a look at two of the fastest consumer solid state drives in RAID 0 arrays. The Intel X25-M has held the speed crown for many months and by pairing the Intel and Kingston X25-M with the latest firmware we will see just what the pair can do in RAID 0. The challenger features the new Indilinx controller that is quickly becoming the new standard in consumer grade SSD. RunCore sent us two 128GB drives from their new Pro IV line and let me tell you, these things are hella fast!”

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