The XFX Radeon HD 4890 XXX is the overclocked version of the 4890, with a whole 50MHz bump on the GPU and nothing else.  Mind you, when Elite Bastards tried to overclock the card they manage to squeak another 40MHz out of the core and bumped the memory by 35MHz.  That 35MHz did push the memory frequency above 1GHz, but one wonders if the reference 4890 speeds are clocked almost as high as the silicon can stand.  However you look at it, the HD4890 is one fast card and worth checking out.

“Compared to an AMD reference part, XFX’s Radeon HD 4890 XXX keeps the same memory clock speed as that reference board, but sees its core clock speed boosted by 50MHz to a new 900MHz speed for its RV790 core.

XFX’s offering also sticks with AMD’s recognizable reference, dual-slot cooler, designed to exhaust hot air out of the rear of the system chassis. Power is supplied by a pair of six-pin PCI Express power connectors as you might expect.”

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