Up for review by Lee are the Seasonic SS-400H1U & SS-460H2U.  As their naming scheme implies, the 400W model is designed to fit in a 1U space and the 460W into a 2U, making them perfect for not only lower power servers but also for HTPC builders.  Lee was so impressed by the quality of the power that these two units put out that he gave them a PCPer Gold Award.  These sub $100 PSUs may not find a home in your gaming PC, but if you are planning on building a very small system in the near future you should not miss this review.

“The Seasonic SS-400H1U and SS-460H2U power supplies proved to be outstanding performers. Both PSUs delivered excellent voltage regulation with very good efficiency and relatively clean outputs. And they come with a good compliment of modular cables/connectors. If you are in the market for a rack mount, server style power supply with an output capacity in the 400W to 460W range, these two units will be hard to beat.”

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