Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

SilverStone Sugo SST-SG05B Mini ITX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 34

There’s a lot to like about the SilverStone SG05. We loved how compact it is and enjoyed many of the design features incorporated into the chassis. I’ve reviewed every Sugo series case SilverStone has made, and this one is definitely the best in terms of use of real estate. Every feature was well thought out and has a logical reason for being there. Each component fits exactly where it should and doesn’t leave the consumer guessing as to what to do next during the installation process. The ability to use full-size, modern graphics cards like the GTS 250 and HD 4850 is a huge plus. Combined that will the power of today’s latest mini-ITX motherboards, and this case could be used as a full LAN party gaming system in no time.

SilverStone Sugo SST-SG05B Mini ITX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 35

One of the case’s biggest strengths is also one of its biggest weaknesses. The real estate in this case was so cramped, even when we used a Via mini ITX motherboard. We could imagine how tight everything would fit with a regular heatsink attached and a PCI-E graphics card. Ventilation is also a big concern because of how difficult cable management is with the SG05. There’s just not a lot of places to route the cables so air flow is not impeded. End users will need to be very creative in how they perform cable management.

Another slight flaw we noticed during installation was the sharp edges on the removable hard drive and optical bay cages. Smoothing out all the sharp edges is pretty standard for most modern cases after PC builders complained to vendors about this a long time ago. We recommend smoothing them out on your own to avoid any accidental cuts and scraps during installation. Lastly, the 300W power supply is adequate for most mini-ITX systems, but those using a higher-watter processor and graphics card might push this PSU to its limits. Users need to be mindful of this when selecting this case for their next PC.

All in all, the SG05 was a joy to use and work with. Creative end users will love all the possibilities this case brings to the table. Basic users will be able to install a simple mini-ITX system in less than an hour too. Gamers will also be able to customize this case and bring it to their next LAN party instead of lugging around that full tower they are used to bringing. This case seems to hit several key target audiences and should be a favorite of the modding community too. We would like to congratulate SilverStone on making a logical, compact, and sleek case that the masses will appreciate and love. We award it PC Perspective’s Gold Award.

SilverStone Sugo SST-SG05B Mini ITX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 36 

Price:$99.99 at (check our pricing engine)


  • Room for modern graphics cards up to 9″ long
  • Compatible with Mini-DTX and Mini-ITX motherboards
  • Room for one 3.5″ hard drive and one 2.5″ hard drive or SSD
  • 80 Plus certified SFX 300W power supply included

Minor Weaknesses:

  • Sharp edges on hard drive, optical bay cages
  • Cable management a challenge due to lack of space

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