We have all heard great things about in ear headphones, and how the sound quality and noise isolation are worth every penny it costs you to get a hold of them.  Of course, they work better if the rubber nub that heads into your ear canal is custom fitted, and being able to pick your own colours and styles is nice as well.  The drawback is that it will cost you several hundred dollars to try them out.  techPowerUp has a review of some less expensive in-ear headphones which might make trying out this style of headphones a little more attractive.  The Cresyn C750E phones have great sound and will only run you $100.

“Cresyn C750E is the name of an interesting set of in-ears, from a relatively unknown manufacturer. The C750Es feature a sweet bundle and a well thought out design. With a price point of $100 they are positioned nicely for the average user who wants to get decent sound quality on the move without breaking the bank.”

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